Top 10 Hot Seats – Picks For The 2013 NFL Football Season

Yes, it’s that 2013 NFL Hot Seat time of year, let’s look at the NFL’s 32 teams, from players to general managers, and then decide who enters the 2013 NFL season sitting on that proverbial hot seat.  As we here at continue to go through our mountain of NFL offseason homework, in advance of the 2013 NFL football season, we believe we have a good stranglehold on this year’s cold-like scenario of NFL hot seats.  Mind you, only time will tell in which seats get truly that hot.  After all, winning is the best remedy in the NFL.  We’re ranking these from 1st (hottest seat) to 10th (still a hot seat, but not as hot as the 1st spot though).   Read It All!  >>

2013 NFL Football (Conference) Picks & 2013 Super Bowl Predictions

Yes, the NFL experts have delivered highly successful NFL Super Bowl predictions (winners) in the past… so let’s delve into our future NFL conference and Super Bowl predictions for the 2013-2014 NFL football season!  This will be our final release, effective 06/19/2013 (i.e. no changes).  You can also view the final page at our site:  SafePicks SafeBits.
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2013 NFL Football Season: Week 1 Odds And Week 1 NFL Picks… Now!

Yes!  It’s finally here!   Okay, well not quite yet.  NFL Week 1 odds are out and have been out in Vegas since early May in some spots.  Although it’s only mid-June, we’re going to post our NFL picks now right here and even at the forum!  Obviously, our NFL picks and NFL predictions are based on information we have and some heavy NFL offseason homework n forecasting.  Needless to say, it will be subject to change as we approach NFL Week 1.  Ummm, ya think? 🙂
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2013-2014 NFL Expert Predictions, Projected Win-Loss & Division Winners, By SafePicks

We heard some of you asking for this sooner, so here it is!!  It’s time for our 2013 NFL Division and end of regular season predictions. We released this on June 16 and updated it again a week before training camp.  Looking back at our 2012-2013 NFL divisional and end of season outcome predictions, we fared pretty good.   We nailed down a great % success rate, we’ll take it!  So yes, that was not too bad for making predictions back in early August 2012?  Now, it’s time to look at the 2013-2014 NFL season, as we’re well into the 2013 NFL offseason, let get things going right now!  (Feel free to comment and/or state your opinion, thanks!)
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2013 NFL… And The 2013 Saints!

We return yet again for our 11th year of NFL and NCAAF picks and predictions at  Safepicks is also posting here, this being my first blog post!  Now I’m an amateur writer here… so please avoid any high expectations here and excuse any errors you might find.  I’ll do my best to convey my message correctly otherwise.
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