Tony Romo Out Thanks To Jupiter?

Tony Romo’s annual offseason drama in Dallas to continue in the 2013 NFL offseason, thanks to Jupiter! Article post.. then my 2 cents on Jupiter.

OP 06/06/13, 12:13am, by AP

The Dallas Cowboys had hoped to have Tony Romo back in the mix in time for minicamp next week. Now, it looks like that will not happen.  Owner Jerry Jones said that his recently ‘minted’ passer is “unlikely” to participate in the club’s offseason minicamp program.

Romo underwent surgery to remove a cyst in his back in April and has already missed OTA’s. Now, it looks like he will be out until the team reports to training camp later in the offseason. Romo signed a $108 million, six-year contract extension earlier this offseason.

“We’re probably going to be real conservative there, and it’s probably unlikely,” Jones said. “I know I said probably unlikely, but it’s still probably unlikely that he’ll be in minicamp.”

Jones also said, “He’s coming along great. He’s going to be ready to go and have his strength and conditioning in great shape.  And of course, he’s spending all kinds of time looking at tape and doing the kinds of things that he wants to be doing to get ready for the season.”

My 2 cents: at least he’s watching the tape Jerry, as Romo’s almost ‘annual’ offseason circus continues. Read into this as much as you care to:  but the “average” recovery time for cyst removals (in the back/shoulder areas) is about 2-3 days according to A.M.A.  The majority of those having such a procedure typically return to work the very next day!  Which leads me to believe that Romo’s cyst must have been the size of planet Jupiter?  Very unlikely, of course, I’m being silly…. but at this point, one has to wonder. No?  View our blog to see our Dallas Cowboys prediction for 2013!

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