2013-2014 NFL Expert Predictions, Projected Win-Loss & Division Winners, By SafePicks

We heard some of you asking for this sooner, so here it is!!  It’s time for our 2013 NFL Division and end of regular season predictions. We released this on June 16 and updated it again a week before training camp.  Looking back at our 2012-2013 NFL divisional and end of season outcome predictions, we fared pretty good.   We nailed down a great % success rate, we’ll take it!  So yes, that was not too bad for making predictions back in early August 2012?  Now, it’s time to look at the 2013-2014 NFL season, as we’re well into the 2013 NFL offseason, let get things going right now!  (Feel free to comment and/or state your opinion, thanks!)

Now, if we believe the hype brewing in Vegas, then the Niners are “in the drivers seat” and predicted to win the Super Bowl.  Easy as pie right?  Maybe.  We do know this much, if it were that easy – we probably wouldn’t need to be around.  Still, the Niners have a mighty chance, (a second consecutive one, at that) at hoisting that Lombardi trophy.  No question.  The Niners are 5-1 to win the Super Bowl (as of June 12, 2013).   Read: https://safepicks.wordpress.com/2013/09/08/2013-nfl-win-loss-predictions-picks-super-bowl-odds-nfl-experts/  (our WIN LOSS post is here).

But, when you look on the other end of the line, looking at a team like the Jaguars, we’re seeing some pretty long odds.  The Jaguars are set now at 200-1 to win the big trophy.  Mind you, I probably wouldn’t even bet a nickel on that – based on what we know.  But hey, anything can happen in the NFL.

Let’s be clear, what happens on the field is what determines who reigns victorious – in the end.  On any given Sunday, anything can happen.  In fact, one should never get too cozy with numbers alone.  There’s far more to it than that.  I believe we have now 58 different categories to analyze on any given team and their pending matchup before game day.  It’s quite complex and far beyond analyzing numbers.

So although the Niners are looking good, at this early look at the season, the landscape could very well change come Christmas!   That’s precisely why we drive home that one message:  anything can, and will happen in the NFL.  We’ll just work hard at being the ones to call it here… first!   Please visit:  Our NFL 2013 Win Loss Predictions Write Up Here >>


8 thoughts on “2013-2014 NFL Expert Predictions, Projected Win-Loss & Division Winners, By SafePicks

  1. So, NFC teams go 154-102 overall, guess they all kick the stuff out of the AFC? But, wait, AFC goes 147-117….just where are the losing team? What a joke.

    • Thanks Riley! It’s not really a joke, but then again, it’s not meant to be taken too seriously neither. We all push for perfection in this imperfect world of NFL predictions, we’re not in the impossible ‘perfection’ business… just in the business of getting close. Heck, 70% or even hitting 80% close is money in the bank! That’s what it’s all about. So you’re welcome to reply with some plus/minuses, here and there, (wins/losses) where you see fit to flaw-fix. Remember, these were prelim “spring” like early predictions, nothing more. Don’t take them too seriously to the exact number, anything can (and will) happen on Sundays. We will publish a SOLID preseason version soon! All the best!

  2. So basically you just don’t have the balls to go out on a limb and say this team or that team will be GREAT. Only 3 teams are predicted to win 11 games?? and 7 to win 10 games.
    OK 7 teams winning 10 games sounds about right,, but an 11-5 team is a GOOD team,, but not dominate,, 12-4 ,,,13-3 ,,,14-2,,, teams are dominate teams,, anyone can play it safe and say,,these teams are the teams we think will be good,, but to not grab your balls and say,,THESE TEAMS,,AT LEAST ON PAPER should be POWERHOUSE Teams,, they have what it takes to win 12+ games this year.
    I can see why you guys call your web site ($afe Picks) because you don’t have the balls to put your self out there on a limb.
    I realize that as the preseason comes to an end you will be able to add or subtract predicted wins based on pre-season injuries and the play of rookies and free agents adjusting to their new teams,,, but it is right now that you should have the balls to make BOLD predictions,, this team will be 13-3 maybe even 14-2,,this is hands down the team to beat,, then after the pre-season is over you can say,,SEE WE TOLD YOU THIS TEAM IS STACKED!!! or,, well due to injuries or free agents struggling to pick up on the new system,, maybe this team is more of a 10-6-11-5 type team
    GRAB YOUR BALLS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • First off, thanks for the far out comments – nothing to hide, so I’m posting it! Honestly? We just don’t factor balls into our forecasts: never have – never will. And ‘going out on a limb’ also would be fiscally irresponsible for us and for our users who count on us. Success is not measured by balls – but by wins. As for our Website, nice one. You seem sharp ‘n’ wise enough to know that not many Websites get to 11 years on a wing and a prayer? If so, then that’s a lot of prayers answered!! You typically seem like someone on the outside looking in, I’ll bet my boat on that. All good though, your comments are welcomed.

      If you would have read our initial post back in June, AND in the last few years at the site… we have had MANY BOLD dominating 13/14/15-win teams predicted – you missed them all – then jumped on board only now to comment. Then with our latest update, yes – we got a little conservative and predicted a more tighter season forthcoming with the wealth of new info we processed recently. Not because of a lack of balls? Mostly because of the glaring info – just not seeing the glory sunshine this year!

      We don’t just go and get bold this time of year for the sake of it – we have to justify it too. Looks like according to you, we should just blindly toss in a couple of bold picks because it shows something?? But we’re not in this for bragging rights nor ‘I told you so’ proclamations?? Just the wins! Like I said, this year (UNLIKE MANY PAST OFFSEASONS) we are not seeing all-out dominance by a particular team this season… Rare, because we usually do… but it is what it is.

      With training camps to commence in advance of preseason, anything can change! Yes, likely, as more info pours in, it would be wise to re-assess and sharpen-up some of the predictions for our final August “site” re-issue. Not for you, mind you, but for us and our end-users. Because we’re in the betting business – like most of our users are. Offseason and preseason, we can do and predict pretty much whatever we want – nothing really matters until regular season play. We have our Super Bowl, playoff predictions up – how much bolder can we get? Feel free to read it!

      As for your conclusions, again, you’re an outsider commenting on a private club of ours – our users come back for one reason, one reason only. Not for our balls or the lack thereof. Not because we blow sunshine. Not because we go out on a limb, (although we do many a times, like being the ONLY SITE taking Baltimore to win right through the NFL playoffs then the Super Bowl – a real ball breaker!). Yeah… they come back for the winning. Period. As for 10, 11, 12 wins, or 14 wins, dominate versus good… whatever… this year it’s all so relative man… it’s the NFL. The objective always remains to be on the “winning side” of the fence, and in the money! Always. All the best!

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