Travers Stakes 2013, SARATOGA: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I just have to post this because it’s such a shame to see all the forums and pundits out there do their best to inform us, but yet they miss the mark!  In the name of winning, I thought I would write this. In addition to those forums and pundits… you should follow me:  @Safepicks.  If not, at least check out @Safepicks and see what I wrote, satisfy some curiosity — confirm the following for yourself.  I don’t tweet picks much, but when I do… well, you get the picture…

Saratoga, Travers Stakes (Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013) Race 12: 

I tweeted my feel on the on #6 horse Moreno.   2 evenings… I studied the field.  I felt the household names in the field were over-rated…. and then I used some other methods to my madness… which I won’t bore you with.   The pundits?  Well we know who they were all over – the usual suspects (favorites like Orb, etc.).

I tweeted:  do a TB of 2,3,5,6 and that… I had taken the beautiful #6 Moreno for the win.

Well what a race it was!!  Moreno almost went W2W (wire-to-wire)… I did not get the WIN – but settled for a very decent Place/Show payout!   Even better???   The TRI box came in at what?  5 – 6 – 2 for a near $2000 WIN!!!!

The most important thing… I hoped everyone that got my tweet cashed, ONLY ONE PERSON confirmed that they did.  Shame.  Yet, every forum/pundit I checked out had it WRONG.  (Which is okay too). But follow me — let’s connect as I am doing with a few in the twitter world.  Collaboration is always good when it pays!

So this is all.   GOOD LUCK HORSE PLAYERS!   Love horse racing!  Hitting WOODBINE RACETRACK this weekend for a track-side family affair!  Feel free to follow me or not – and let’s make some money together?   Again, good luck and all the best!



NFL Fantasy Football Champions Usually Avoid These: Mistakes, Pitfalls and Blunders!

To achieve NFL Fantasy Football championship glory, one must avoid as many mistakes and/or pitfalls as possible.  Most NFL Fantasy Football champions avoid mistakes.  NFL Fantasy Football is absolute fun and the object of the fun is to win it all!  But certain mistakes and/or pitfalls will only lead to a less-than-stellar league finish.  Managing an NFL Fantasy Football team is not complicated at all, championship success will only come to the team that makes the least amount of mistakes or lapses in judgement come draft day.

Every year, at, I get questions regarding NFL Fantasy Football – and how to avoid making those dreaded mistakes.  Now remember, at, we tailor our site content for beginners and pros by wording our site in such a way that everyone can enjoy.   In that vein, I also make myself available by email as best I can to help our users, which is a huge benefit for many of our ‘beginner’ users.  My cousin Josh just joined our NFL Fantasy league… then recently he asked me for some tips or more specifically, what mistakes should he watch out for.  So he is trying to seek out some NFL Fantasy Football tips and pointers for avoiding mistakes.   I thought it was a good question: and then I decided to post about that here.   So Josh, this is for you and anyone else looking to avoid making those mistakes when it comes to NFL Fantasy Football.

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