2013 – 2014 NFL Win Loss Predictions & Picks & Super Bowl Odds, NFL Expert Predictions

On any given Sunday, anything can and WILL happen.  It’s the National Football League after all!   Still, we analyzed every single game of the season, and we picked a winner – during boring NFL preseason play.  As a result, we have a final win-loss record for every team in the National Football League by division (along with their Super Bowl odds as of 09/01/2013).  Now, don’t bet the farm on this – we should take these predictions with a grain of salt… as several unforeseen circumstances are not factored in here.  For that, we would need a crystal ball to read the future (i.e. injuries, etc.).  But for the most part, we’re sticking with these win loss predictions, win or lose.  All for fun and fun for all.  Heck, we are almost 11 years online (at SafePicks.com) with a ton of loyal followers – so I think we know a thing or two about NFL picks & predictions.  Let’s hope some of you capitalize and we see you at SafePicks.com!  So, here we go… by division, here is our final win loss predictions for the 2013 National Football League season:

AFC West
Denver:  Overall 12-4 (Division: 5-1)  Super Bowl Odds:  5/1
Kansas City:  Overall 9-7 (Division: 5-1)  Super Bowl Odds:  50/1
San Diego:  Overall 4-12 (Division: 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  50/1
Oakland: Overall 2-14 (Division 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  250/1

AFC East
New England:  Overall 12-4 (Division: 5-1)   Super Bowl Odds: 10/1
Buffalo:  Overall 7-9 (Division: 3-3)   Super Bowl Odds:  150/1
Miami:  Overall 7-9 (Division: 3-3)   Super Bowl Odds:  40/1
NY Jets:   Overall 2-14 (Division: 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  100/1

AFC South
Houston:  Overall 13-3 (Division: 5-1)  Super Bowl Odds:  18/1
Indianapolis:  Overall 9-7 (Division: 4-2)  Super Bowl Odds:  40/1
Tennessee:  Overall  7-9  (Division: 2-4)   Super Bowl Odds:  150/1
Jacksonville:  Overall 2-14 (Division: 1-5)   Super Bowl Odds:   300/1

AFC North
Cincinnati:  Overall 12-4 (Division: 5-1)   Super Bowl Odds:  25/1
Baltimore:  Overall 10-6 (Division: 4-2)   Super Bowl Odds:  28/1
Cleveland:  Overall 7-9 (Division: 2-4)   Super Bowl Odds:  150/1
Pittsburgh:  Overall 6-10 (Division: 1-5)   Super Bowl Odds:  28/1

NFC West
Seattle:  Overall 13-3  (Division: 4-2) Super Bowl Odds:  8/1
San Francisco:  Overall 12-4 (Division: 3-3) Super Bowl Odds: 6/1
St. Louis:  Overall 9-7  (Division: 4-2)  Super Bowl Odds:  40/1
Arizona:  Overall 6-10 (Division: 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  125/1

NFC East
Dallas:  Overall 9-7  (Division: 4-2)   Super Bowl Odds:  25/1
NY Giants:  Overall 9-7 (Division: 3-3)   Super Bowl Odds:  22/1
Washington:  Overall 7-9 (Division: 4-2)   Super Bowl Odds:  33/1
Philadelphia:  Overall 7-9  (Division: 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  50/1

NFC South
New Orleans:  Overall  11-5 (Division: 4-2)   Super Bowl Odds:  18/1
Atlanta:  Overall 10-6 (Division: 3-3)   Super Bowl Odds:  12/1
Carolina:  Overall 8-8  (Division: 4-2)   Super Bowl Odds:  66/1
Tampa Bay:  Overall 4-12 (Division: 1-5)   Super Bowl Odds:  55/1

NFC North
Green Bay:  Overall 12-4  (Division: 4-2)   Super Bowl Odds:  12/1
Chicago:  Overall 9-7  (Division: 3-3)   Super Bowl Odds:  25/1
Detroit:  Overall 7-9  (Division: 3-3)   Super Bowl Odds:  50/1
Minnesota:  Overall 4-12  (Division: 2-4)   Super Bowl Odds:  40/1

Of course, what would be a post like this without your welcomed comments. Good luck to all of you this NFL season!


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