Hey everybody!  Thanks for visiting our Milestones page.  This page is just a summary of our accomplishments at for your viewing pleasure.  Everything here, can be found in GREAT detail at our Website.  This is just a quick summary, be sure to check the Website for ALL THE EXTRA must know DETAILS!

1)   As of Feb. 2013:  We are 2798-1301 all time with our NFL picks, near 70%!

2)  NFL Playoffs (2012-2013 NFL Season):  SafePicks predicted Baltimore to win through the playoffs and in the Super Bowl.  Our SP users cashed-in big time!

3)  NFL Playoffs (2011-2012 NFL Season):  SafePicks went 9-2 ATS in the NFL Playoffs and we successfully predicted the NY Giants to win through to Super Bowl!

4)  NCAAF College Football (2011-2013 Season):  SafePicks went 52-21 with 2011 ATS college football picks.  NCAAF Best Bets, lifetime to date: we’re at 128-60-6 ATS!

5)  NCAAF College Football (2010-2011 Seaons):  SafePicks went 69-24 with 2010 ATS college football picks.

6)  NFL Over/Unders, Lifetime to date:  SafePicks NFL Over/Unders have been quite successful, our O/U best bets going 148-56 to date for over 72% success.

7)  SafePicks launched Favorite Pick Six last season.  Our most loved 6 NFL Picks.  In the late season launch, we went 28-8!

8)  More to follow here shortly… (as I get the time).  Worst case, view our Performance Archives here

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