2013 – 2014 NFL Win Loss Predictions & Picks & Super Bowl Odds, NFL Expert Predictions

On any given Sunday, anything can and WILL happen.  It’s the National Football League after all!   Still, we analyzed every single game of the season, and we picked a winner – during boring NFL preseason play.  As a result, we have a final win-loss record for every team in the National Football League by division (along with their Super Bowl odds as of 09/01/2013).  Now, don’t bet the farm on this – we should take these predictions with a grain of salt… as several unforeseen circumstances are not factored in here.  For that, we would need a crystal ball to read the future (i.e. injuries, etc.).  But for the most part, we’re sticking with these win loss predictions, win or lose.  All for fun and fun for all.  Heck, we are almost 11 years online (at SafePicks.com) with a ton of loyal followers – so I think we know a thing or two about NFL picks & predictions.  Let’s hope some of you capitalize and we see you at SafePicks.com!  So, here we go… by division, here is our final win loss predictions for the 2013 National Football League season:

AFC West
Denver:  Overall 12-4 (Division: 5-1)  Super Bowl Odds:  5/1
Kansas City:  Overall 9-7 (Division: 5-1)  Super Bowl Odds:  50/1
San Diego:  Overall 4-12 (Division: 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  50/1
Oakland: Overall 2-14 (Division 1-5)  Super Bowl Odds:  250/1

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NFL Experts, Matchup Preview: 2013 NFL Week 1 – Baltimore at Denver -9, Kickoff & Pick!

I decided to post our first site post here… if you want ALL of the killer NFL picks and predictions, come visit us and good luck!

Welcome back all SP users! Another NFL season is FINALLY upon us and we’re all just chomping at the bit to get it started! The National Football League opens the much anticipated 2013 season on Thursday (Sept. 5, 2013) with an exciting match-up in Denver when the Broncos host the Super Bowl winning Ravens.  We want to wish each and every one of you a great season and we’re just happy to be back for yet another great year at SafePicks!  Okay, without much further ado, let’s get right into Week 1 – let’s go first to that exciting kickoff in Denver.

Baltimore @ Denver -9:  Sports Authority Field at Mile High will be the place for when it all goes down, the kickoff to open the 2013 NFL season.  QB Joe Flacco leads the Super Bowl champion Ravens into Denver, where Peyton Manning and the Broncos are highly touted contenders to be hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy come February.  QB Flacco will be eager to show he’s worth the $120 million contract he received in the offseason thanks to the Ravens’ title triumph over San Francisco for the Super Bowl trophy.  Now it’s a re-worked Ravens squad who will take the field, without retired defensive and emotional leader Ray Lewis, and then some, more later.  The Broncos have endured some turmoil, too, with linebacker Von Miller suspended for six games for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.  Nevertheless, four-time Most Valuable Player, Peyton Manning, is widely expected to guide Denver to the playoffs as he did last year in his return from multiple neck surgeries. Now, the Broncos have waited almost eight months for their chance to avenge last season’s dramatic divisional playoff loss to a Ravens team that appears ready for the challenge this week.  Riding an 11-game winning streak and ahead by seven late in the fourth quarter, Denver appeared headed to the AFC championship game last season, until Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco connected with Jacoby Jones for a 70-yard touchdown pass with 31 seconds left, forcing overtime and stunning the Broncos. The Ravens went on to a 38-35 double-OT victory in which QB Flacco threw for 331 yards and three touchdowns – along with that long TD to Jones – in the playoff win.  Then that propelled them to a 28-13 win at New England the next week, and they went on to beat San Francisco 34-31 (it was also a SafePicks NFL Expert Prediction) to claim their first Super Bowl title since 2000.  And the rest is history.

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Travers Stakes 2013, SARATOGA: Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

I just have to post this because it’s such a shame to see all the forums and pundits out there do their best to inform us, but yet they miss the mark!  In the name of winning, I thought I would write this. In addition to those forums and pundits… you should follow me:  @Safepicks.  If not, at least check out @Safepicks and see what I wrote, satisfy some curiosity — confirm the following for yourself.  I don’t tweet picks much, but when I do… well, you get the picture…

Saratoga, Travers Stakes (Saturday, Aug. 24, 2013) Race 12: 

I tweeted my feel on the on #6 horse Moreno.   2 evenings… I studied the field.  I felt the household names in the field were over-rated…. and then I used some other methods to my madness… which I won’t bore you with.   The pundits?  Well we know who they were all over – the usual suspects (favorites like Orb, etc.).

I tweeted:  do a TB of 2,3,5,6 and that… I had taken the beautiful #6 Moreno for the win.

Well what a race it was!!  Moreno almost went W2W (wire-to-wire)… I did not get the WIN – but settled for a very decent Place/Show payout!   Even better???   The TRI box came in at what?  5 – 6 – 2 for a near $2000 WIN!!!!

The most important thing… I hoped everyone that got my tweet cashed, ONLY ONE PERSON confirmed that they did.  Shame.  Yet, every forum/pundit I checked out had it WRONG.  (Which is okay too). But follow me — let’s connect as I am doing with a few in the twitter world.  Collaboration is always good when it pays!

So this is all.   GOOD LUCK HORSE PLAYERS!   Love horse racing!  Hitting WOODBINE RACETRACK this weekend for a track-side family affair!  Feel free to follow me or not – and let’s make some money together?   Again, good luck and all the best!



NFL Fantasy Football Champions Usually Avoid These: Mistakes, Pitfalls and Blunders!

To achieve NFL Fantasy Football championship glory, one must avoid as many mistakes and/or pitfalls as possible.  Most NFL Fantasy Football champions avoid mistakes.  NFL Fantasy Football is absolute fun and the object of the fun is to win it all!  But certain mistakes and/or pitfalls will only lead to a less-than-stellar league finish.  Managing an NFL Fantasy Football team is not complicated at all, championship success will only come to the team that makes the least amount of mistakes or lapses in judgement come draft day.

Every year, at SafePicks.com, I get questions regarding NFL Fantasy Football – and how to avoid making those dreaded mistakes.  Now remember, at SafePicks.com, we tailor our site content for beginners and pros by wording our site in such a way that everyone can enjoy.   In that vein, I also make myself available by email as best I can to help our users, which is a huge benefit for many of our ‘beginner’ users.  My cousin Josh just joined our NFL Fantasy league… then recently he asked me for some tips or more specifically, what mistakes should he watch out for.  So he is trying to seek out some NFL Fantasy Football tips and pointers for avoiding mistakes.   I thought it was a good question: and then I decided to post about that here.   So Josh, this is for you and anyone else looking to avoid making those mistakes when it comes to NFL Fantasy Football.

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ALERT! 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Breakout & Sleeper Candidates, Top 10 Picks By SafePicks.com

ALERT! 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Breakout & Sleeper Picks are out!  A little edge in NFL Fantasy Football always helps us at SafePicks.com!  With another exciting season of NFL Fantasy Football quickly approaching for us – the time has come to look at our Top 10, 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Breakout & Sleeper picks!  The team at SafePicks.com takes great pride in finishing tops in the last few years, both in NFL Fantasy Football (regular season and in playoffs).  The method to the madness is simple, at the SafePicks.com Website: we prognosticate and project well, we do so for a modest but hard-earned living!  This has translated into solid NFL Fantasy Football decisions for us.  Actually, half the battle in NFL Fantasy Football, aside from what all the pundits tell you, is a little knowing.  We especially love leveraging any edge to help us succeed in NFL Fantasy Football and our ‘extra-curricular’ NFL betting activities.  Although past success is never an indication of future success, we will stick with our program, (it has helped us to finish tops in the last five years) so why stop now?  SafePicks.com success is built on going with what works!

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Expert NFL Fantasy Football Strategies, Tips, Advice And More, By SafePicks

For Beginners Or Pros: NFL Fantasy Football Strategies, Tips, Advice, & More By SafePicks.com

For those dipping into NFL Fantasy Football for the first time, there is no need to panic!   NFL Fantasy Football is easy to learn, and whether you are an NFL Fantasy beginner or pro:  there is lots of information out there on the Web to help even the most timid NFL Fantasy player.  We have many users who contact SafePicks.com, or they even contact me directly, asking if we have any tips or tricks or even advice when it comes to NFL Fantasy Football.  The answer is yes.   At SafePicks.com, we have had great past success with NFL Fantasy Football in the last few years, both in NFL Fantasy regular season and in the playoffs.  See our 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings Article Here for more details on our past NFL Fantasy success.  So, we decided to put together this hopefully helpful piece, which is a write-up of SafePicks.com’s expert NFL Fantasy strategies, tips, advice and more for all of you to enjoy (and we really hope: use as an informative tool).

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2013 NFL Fantasy Football Tips, Picks, Rankings And More..

2013 NFL Fantasy Football Tips, Picks, Rankings and More… By SafePicks.com

We’re about two months away from the 2013 NFL football season!  Bring it on!  Because we’re freaking fired up and ready for kick off of the 2013 NFL football season now!   We’re also edging closer to another awesome season of NFL fantasy football!   You just got to love NFL fantasy football!   Heck yeah, we do!!   Although, by no means are we the authority for NFL fantasy football, no.  But I think we know a thing or two about it?  Okay, you see, I can tell you in the last five years, we at SafePicks.com have participated in NFL fantasy football leagues often.  In fact, our team has been ‘good enough’ to finish in the top four in each of those five years:  finishing as champions twice, second twice, and third once.  Then, in the last four NFL fantasy playoffs we participated in, we finished 1st place twice, then 2nd twice!
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Top 10 Hot Seats – Picks For The 2013 NFL Football Season

Yes, it’s that 2013 NFL Hot Seat time of year, let’s look at the NFL’s 32 teams, from players to general managers, and then decide who enters the 2013 NFL season sitting on that proverbial hot seat.  As we here at SafePicks.com continue to go through our mountain of NFL offseason homework, in advance of the 2013 NFL football season, we believe we have a good stranglehold on this year’s cold-like scenario of NFL hot seats.  Mind you, only time will tell in which seats get truly that hot.  After all, winning is the best remedy in the NFL.  We’re ranking these from 1st (hottest seat) to 10th (still a hot seat, but not as hot as the 1st spot though).   Read It All!  >>

2013 NFL Football (Conference) Picks & 2013 Super Bowl Predictions

Yes, the SafePicks.com NFL experts have delivered highly successful NFL Super Bowl predictions (winners) in the past… so let’s delve into our future NFL conference and Super Bowl predictions for the 2013-2014 NFL football season!  This will be our final release, effective 06/19/2013 (i.e. no changes).  You can also view the final page at our site:  SafePicks SafeBits.
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