Expert NFL Fantasy Football Strategies, Tips, Advice And More, By SafePicks

For Beginners Or Pros: NFL Fantasy Football Strategies, Tips, Advice, & More By

For those dipping into NFL Fantasy Football for the first time, there is no need to panic!   NFL Fantasy Football is easy to learn, and whether you are an NFL Fantasy beginner or pro:  there is lots of information out there on the Web to help even the most timid NFL Fantasy player.  We have many users who contact, or they even contact me directly, asking if we have any tips or tricks or even advice when it comes to NFL Fantasy Football.  The answer is yes.   At, we have had great past success with NFL Fantasy Football in the last few years, both in NFL Fantasy regular season and in the playoffs.  See our 2013 NFL Fantasy Football Rankings Article Here for more details on our past NFL Fantasy success.  So, we decided to put together this hopefully helpful piece, which is a write-up of’s expert NFL Fantasy strategies, tips, advice and more for all of you to enjoy (and we really hope: use as an informative tool).

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2013 NFL Fantasy Football Tips, Picks, Rankings And More..

2013 NFL Fantasy Football Tips, Picks, Rankings and More… By

We’re about two months away from the 2013 NFL football season!  Bring it on!  Because we’re freaking fired up and ready for kick off of the 2013 NFL football season now!   We’re also edging closer to another awesome season of NFL fantasy football!   You just got to love NFL fantasy football!   Heck yeah, we do!!   Although, by no means are we the authority for NFL fantasy football, no.  But I think we know a thing or two about it?  Okay, you see, I can tell you in the last five years, we at have participated in NFL fantasy football leagues often.  In fact, our team has been ‘good enough’ to finish in the top four in each of those five years:  finishing as champions twice, second twice, and third once.  Then, in the last four NFL fantasy playoffs we participated in, we finished 1st place twice, then 2nd twice!
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2013-2014 NFL Expert Predictions, Projected Win-Loss & Division Winners, By SafePicks

We heard some of you asking for this sooner, so here it is!!  It’s time for our 2013 NFL Division and end of regular season predictions. We released this on June 16 and updated it again a week before training camp.  Looking back at our 2012-2013 NFL divisional and end of season outcome predictions, we fared pretty good.   We nailed down a great % success rate, we’ll take it!  So yes, that was not too bad for making predictions back in early August 2012?  Now, it’s time to look at the 2013-2014 NFL season, as we’re well into the 2013 NFL offseason, let get things going right now!  (Feel free to comment and/or state your opinion, thanks!)
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2013 NFL… And The 2013 Saints!

We return yet again for our 11th year of NFL and NCAAF picks and predictions at  Safepicks is also posting here, this being my first blog post!  Now I’m an amateur writer here… so please avoid any high expectations here and excuse any errors you might find.  I’ll do my best to convey my message correctly otherwise.
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