2019 SafePicks.com User Update

*Important Site Update*

To Our Valued SafePicks Users (Past & Present):

As you may already know, we launched in 2003 with ONLY ONE relentless goal of serving our NFL betting and pools communities with no-nonsense winning NFL picks, (and NCAAF picks and Superbowl predictions).  Over 16 years later, we are still going strong.  And remember, we STILL don’t support ANY form of advertising on site.  We never will.

But some site changes have been made.

Our Website has been updated in all aspects, including a mail server upgrade.  All pages are now functioning normally.   Forums have now been removed.   And for 2019 football season:  we are introducing new features, including DFS Picks and for a limited time only – our one year membership price has been dropped!  Also, SafePicks will return to posting content in other social media platforms.  We want to thank many of you for your feedback and notifications of issues in the last couple of seasons, ALL are fixed up now.

Whether you are a football pool player or a football bettor, don’t be a weekly loser… come join SafePicks for free, be a winner!

We want to wish you all the best in the 2019-2020 football season.  Thank you for your continued & loyal support.  Without it, you, us, we ALL would not be here.  Winning always feels good.  🙂  See you at SafePicks.com.

SafePicks.com Team.

2019 NFL Super Bowl Prediction, SafePicks

2019 NFL Football Conference Predictions And 2019 Super Bowl Prediction Picks (Final, Effective Sept. 2nd, 2019)
Yes, since 2003 – SafePicks.com NFL experts deliver highly successful NFL predictions, NFL picks, and highly successful Super Bowl predictions… now let’s delve into our future NFL playoff predictions for the 2019-2020 NFL football season!  Visit https://safepicks.com for so much more.
  • AFC Division Winners:  Houston, Baltimore, Kansas City, New England
  • NFC Division Winners:  Dallas, New Orleans, St. Louis, Minnesota
  • NFL ‘Surprise’ Comeback Teams (AFC) we’ll be watching (to finish better than last season):  Cleveland
  • NFL ‘Surprise Comeback Teams (NFC) we’ll be watching (to finish better than last season):   Green Bay
  • Super Bowl Prediction (two potential conference finalists – AFC):  New England, Kansas City
  • Super Bowl Prediction (two potential conference finalists – NFC):  Dallas, New Orleans
  • Super Bowl Predictions (Championship Final matchup):   Kansas City, New Orleans
  • Our final prediction for the 2019 Super Bowl winner is:  Kansas City